Lingot® Yellow Mini-Tomato
    • Lingot® Yellow Mini-Tomato
    • Lingot® Yellow Mini-Tomato

    Two tone shiso Lingot®


    Grown in Asia since antiquity, shiso is known for its wonderful aroma. Its enticing, slightly tangy flavor boasts hints of mint and cumin. The fragrance of purple shiso is more refined than that of green shiso, while the magnificent color of its leaves adds striking color to certain recipes.

    Shiso can be consumed both raw or cooked.  Use raw shiso like basil or mint to bring out your dishes, decorations, and desserts! When cooked, it enhances broths, soups, and stir-fry vegetables. Like spinach, shiso wilts during cooking.

    Enjoy the Véritable® Lingot® technology : 100% natural and ready-to-use refills with no pesticides or GMO's (patent-pending).

    Two tone shiso Lingot® compatible with the whole Véritable® Garden range

    Specie : Two tone shiso

    Germe en 1 semaine1ère récolte dès 2-3 semaines3-4 mois de récolteSatisfait ou échangéGraines non traitées

    £7.95 VAT included


    Véritable® Lingot®

    Enjoy the Véritable® Lingot® technology (patent-pending) : 100% natural and ready to use refills.

    Easy to use and efficient, the Lingot® composition is specific for each plant and contains :

    • Organic seeds
    • Organic soil
    • Nutrients essential to each plant

    Each parameter is optimised : spacing between seeds, depth, choice of species, substrate composition...
    Its composition is specific for each plant in order to get generous ans tasty harvests.

    The Lingots® are 100% compostable and biodegradable. They contains no pesticides or GMO's.

    Each Véritable® Garden is coming with 4 Véritable® Lingots® offered : Basil, Italian Parsley, Thyme, Dill.

    The Lingots® can be stored 1 year before use, in a cool and dry place. After this time, the germination rate can decrease.

    Success guaranteed "satisfied or exchanged"

    At Véritable®, your satisfaction is our priority. Our Ingots® and vegetable gardens combine all the elements to offer you abundant harvests. However, nature can sometimes play tricks. If your Ingot does not germinate normally, Véritable® will replace it.

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    Shipping within 2 to 3 business days
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