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"Minuscules" glass figurine


Discover "Les Minuscules", delicate glass figurines born of a collaboration with Agnès, a talented craftswoman from the South of France: L'Atelier de Ness

Each piece is carefully handcrafted, giving these creations a unique, authentic aura.

Limited edition, these little treasures are specially designed to embellish and add a touch of poetry to Véritable indoor gardens. Elegantly placed among the plants, they captivate with their finesse and charm. Invite nature into your home with "Les Minuscules", a perfect fusion of art and gardening.

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Figurine model
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Minuscules are coming to your kitchen garden!

Get ready to welcome a touch of handcrafted magic to your indoor garden with "Minuscules"! 

These adorable spun-glass figurines, entirely handmade by Agnès K, a talented glass artisan from the South of France, are ready to make a splash. 

This edition is so limited as to be precious. Initially designed to brighten up Véritable's self-sufficient indoor gardens, these little treasures have won our hearts by blending perfectly into any plant environment. They add a touch of delicacy and poetry. Each figurine, measuring between 1.5 and 2.5 cm depending on the model, is a veritable miniature work of art. With their kanthal thread stems, they grow to around 20 cm, perfect for poking into the Lingot's substrate and threading their way through the foliage. 

This collaboration between Véritable and our talented glass artist highlights French craftsmanship in all its splendor, offering everyone the chance to add a touch of enchantment to their everyday lives.

About Agnès K

Agnès K designs and manufactures tiny animals linked to the world of the garden.

These small subjects in spun glass on metal rods are planted in the substrate to create an enchanting universe.

After 17 years running an artisan jewelry store, showcasing her beads and jewelry, Agnès explored another form of artistic expression: glass manipulation.

Armed with a blowtorch, she perfected the demanding art of spun glass, giving life to small, multicolored animals and flowers of striking beauty. This marvellous little world captivates the eye and invites us on a poetic journey.

Agnès' creative process is a feat of concentration and precision. Every gesture is carefully calculated, from the choice of color and diameter of the glass rod to its transformation into a unique, living form, be it a delicate flower, a mischievous hedgehog or a frightened bee.

Agnès K. L'Atelier de Ness

Member of the Association des perliers d'art de France.

"Nature is a real passion for me, and expressing it by making all my little glass subjects is a real joy. Each piece I create is unique."
Torch-spun glass

The Art of spun glass

Torch-spun glass

Spun glass is an ancient technique for making glass beads and objects, dating back to antiquity.

To make spun glass, the glassmaker first heats a glass rod with a blowtorch or in a high-temperature furnace until it becomes soft and malleable.

Then, using a hollow metal rod called a "mandrel", the glassmaker grasps a small quantity of molten glass, gently pulling and stretching it to form a fine, regular filament, hence the name "spun glass".

This filament can be shaped as required to create beads, decorations, jewelry and many other artistic objects. The glassmaker's precision and dexterity are essential to control the shape and size of the glass thread.

Once cooled, spun glass objects can be polished, colored or decorated according to the designer's artistic preferences.

This technique, though traditional, continues to be used in contemporary crafts for its versatility and the beauty of its results.

Data sheet
Size1.5 to 2.5 cm (figurine), 20 cm (rod)
MaterialSpun glass on stainless Kanthal wire
Origin100% designed, assembled and made in France
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