Indoor gardens Exky®

Exky® indoor vegetable gardens allow everyone to grow herbs, mini fruit and vegetables, young shoots or edible flowers all year round!

Exky® vegetable gardens offer the possibility of growing 2 different varieties of plants from among the 70 Lingots® that we make available to you. They have the same characteristics as the Véritable® indoor vegetable gardens and are totally autonomous, silent and efficient.

The Exky® SMART vegetable garden is capable of adapting its light intensity according to the ambient light. This allows the light emitted towards the plants to be regulated more finely in order to optimise their growth.

Choose the Exky® indoor vegetable garden that suits you from our range of colours and technologies!

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Exky CLASSIC garden

CLASSIC Exky® garden

Price £119.00
EXKY smart garden

SMART Exky® garden

Price £149.00
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EXKY smart garden

SMART Copper Exky® garden

Price £149.00