BOTANEO Eylo Garden

EYLO is an autonomous and compact indoor garden.

Compatible with our Lingots®, you can harvest aromatic herbs, edible flowers, mini vegetables and many other species all year round. Each garden is delivered with 2 Lingots®.

<strong>LED</strong><br>Optimized light spectrum<strong>Autonom</strong><br>Automatic watering<strong>Lingots</strong><br>Recharges 100% natural refills<strong>Efficace</strong><br>Fast growing and bountiful harvest<strong>Lingots</strong><br>satisfied or exchanged


Quick and easy to use

Insert the Lingots®
Let it grow
Fill the reservoir
Harvest and enjoy!

Simply insert the Lingots®, plug in the garden, fill the water reservoir and enjoy up to 3 week of autonomy. The automatic lighting system respects the plant life cycle.

The garden has a light spectrum suitable for edible plants, which accelerates growth and develops aromas.
The lighting is controlled automatically: it turns on for 16 hours and turns off for 8 hours each day.
The light pole is also adjustable to adapt to the speed of plant growth.
The water reservoir and passive hydroponics provide the plants the right amount of water. 

From 4 weeks until 6 months in, enjoy your aromatic herbs, greens, edible flowers, mini fruits and vegetables freshly harvested.

The garden comes with all the accessories for immediate start-up, as well as 2 Lingots for daily cooking. Depending on the variety, enjoy 4 to 6 months of regular harvest.
To start growing an Lingot, simply insert it in one of the baskets in your garden ... and that's it! The Lingot will rehydrate automatically, and seed germination will begin in a few days. You will be able to enjoy your first harvests 4 weeks later.
 Water tank autonomy 1 Litre
 Irrigation system Passive hydroponic culture
 Specification Power supply, 100-240 V, 50-60Hz, plug adapted to your country
 Compatibility Compatible with Véritable® Lingots® only
 Dimensions 5’’(17.4cm) x 7’’(18.4m) x 18’’(46cm)
 Use Indoor use
 Warranty 2 years
 Working T° From 18°C to 35°C
 Lingots® conservation Store in the fridge or in a cool and dried place, maximum 1 year

When to replace a Lingot®?
It is time to replace your Lingot® when your plant no longer produces enough, doesn’t grow back after harvest or has weak flavor. Compost it or mix it with soil in your garden or flower pot.
Can I use my own seeds and/or soil?
The Lingots® have been selected for their rich fl avours, their rapid growth and their compact full grown size fit to the indoor garden. If you try your own seeds, soil and/or nutrients, we can’t guarantee it will grow as efficiently as with the Lingots®. The warranty will not be applicable if the device is damaged because of improper use.



Possible cause 


Lights are not workingThe garden is not pugged in correctlyCheck that the adaptater is correctly connected on a functionnal socket
The light is on "night mode"The light will be off automatically after 16 hours. It stays off during 8 hours.
The top leaves are burntPlant is too close to lightRaise the lamp according to the plant growth. Keep a minimum space of 5cm (2inch) between the light and the plant.
My Lingot® did not germinateThe seeds have a normal germination rate of 65% to  95%. If more than 1/3 of the Lingot did not germinate after 20 days, check the following : 
Wrong temperatureSome seeds need at least 20°C (68°F) to germinate : move your indoor garden to another location.
Lingot® is not irrigated (Lingot®'s surface is still dry)Push the Lingot® down the basket to be sure it reaches the watering wicks.
Poor storage conditionsIf your Lingot® was stored in poor conditions (too hot, too humid) for a long period, this damage is irreversible. See "Storage" paragraph.
My plants have flowers but no fruitsFlowers are not pollinatedYou need to help pollinisation. Fruiting plants (tomatoes, pepper, hot chili) will only grow from pollinated flowers. The Lingots® are all self pollinating plants (meaning individual flowers contain both the male and the female parts neededfor fertilization). But sometimes natural air flow in your home will not be enough to spread the pollen. If you want better result you need to pollinate your plants once they begin to bloom. To do so, use one of the following methods:
• Gently shaking the plant by hand (optimumsolution for tomatoes).
• Place a fan near your plants to create artifi cial“wind”.
• Gently brush the inside of the fl owers with apollinating brush (optimum solution for bell pepperand hot chili).Pollinate your fl owering plant at least every 2 days,and only when lights are on.
My plant do not have flowersLack of darkness. Plants need a daily dark period to produce flowersIf your indoor garden is in a place that receives any room light (natural or artifi cial), set it to be in a dark area for at least 8 hours every 24 hours.
No enough lightYou need to prune your plants to keep them under the lamp.

Incorrect temperatureMove your Garden to warmer or cooler place depending on the species. e.g., Tomatoes, Pepper and Chili love heat: 21°C (70°F) to 32°C (90°F).
I have mold/moss on my Lingot®
Light spot in Lingot®’s holes.
This is not mold but clay, used to fi x seeds in the Lingot®. This is perfectly normal.
White fluff or green moss.It can appear during germination phase and during the first 2 months. It is well known in organic soil-free farming and depends on humidity of your room. Don’t worry, it does not prevent the growth of your plants. Do not fi ll the tank above maximum level.
There are insects in my plantLingots® are made of a pasteurized natural substrate which are insect-proof. If you find insects in your plants, they have spread from other indoor plants or from outside. A few insects are not harmful to your plants but they can quickly multiply if you don’t act. Do not forget to treat all other plants in your home. Always rinse your plants with water before eating if you have treated them. If you have an infestation, you may want to start over. Harvest your plants and clean your device well with soap. Wait a few days then start again with 2 new Lingots®.

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